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התקשרו עכשיו

Ayelet Dan Insurance Agency - Advance policies established by Ayelet Dan, an insurance agent licensed in the areas of non-life and marine insurance and has extensive experience in logistics, freight forwarding and insurance.

Having knowledge and experience in freight forwarding insurance option we have STOCK THROUGHPUT Kenyan Insurance Inventory began as a raw material supply abroad and / or the country including storage and transportation to the sale as a finished product abroad and / or country.
We belong to dealerships nut (1987) Ltd represent the leading insurance companies in the market, an advantage that allows adjustment of insurance cover customer needs and providing attractive prices.

In modern times it moves to outsource logistics, there is need for broad insurance policy that will cover the widest coverage luggage from anywhere and to anywhere in the world.

Integrating knowledge in these areas allows us to build the right policy for you Exporters and Importers We emphasize that the policy must be obtained directly from an insurance expert cargo insurance and recommended that the insurance shall be separated shipping process.

The service given by Ayelet Dan - Advance Insurance is a professional reliable and quality both during construction of the policy and when handling claims for damages and arrangements - will gladly be at your service direct personal service 24/7

Covers the following areas:

Cargo insurance on land, sea and air including STP insurance, insurance inventory and warehousing in the country and abroad

Insurance business including inventory, fixed indication, employers' liability, third party, loss of income, etc.

Insurance Beauty salons including extensions treatment of advanced laser devices and RF treatments
Property insurance including property insurance and vehicles

Insurance vessels: yachts, boats and jet skis

Health insurance
Insurance Trade